2014年8月に NYで公演をしてまいりました!
The main subject of our play is the history of modern Japan. Through the eyes of ordinary people who lived at that age, we have created the stage, such as cuts to the problem that leads to modern.

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This play is based on the story of a painter who lived in Kyoto, Japan in the Eighteenth Century, called Soga Shohaku.
He was a drunkard, who constantly insulted people and sometimes even brandished his sword.
Soga Shohaku was a very annoying man.
However, he had his reasons.
He despised the kinds of paintings that were popular at the time, such as the Kano-school, which focused heavily on the visual aesthetics and Japanese traditions.
Rather, he believed that an artist ought to paint something that invigorates one’s soul by putting his heart and soul into every brushstroke.
He was a painter of the soul.
FRI 8 @ 5
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MON 11 @ 7:45
WED 13 @ 4:15
THU 14 @ 2
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